Making Playing Craps Your Job Description

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If you suddenly realize that you are good in shooting dice and you are tired of hanging out in the office, then you might consider playing craps as part of your job description. Who would not want ordering from a five star menu instead of eating fast food? Who wouldn`t want to drink cocktails instead of getting a drink from a vending machine?

Here are some tips on how to make a living out of playing craps. Follow these steps and you might not need to fill out another spreadsheet again.

Read and Research

There is one controversial book entitled, “How to make your living playing craps”. It rendered its popularity not because it is effective. Most readers considered it useless, waste of money and waste of time. They are very disappointed considering it was written by the purveyor of and has published many craps articles. Those who made reviews said that it didn`t cover what supposed to be on the title, instead , it focused on standard craps techniques which you can find on the web for free.

Before jumping in, make sure that you know what should and shouldn`t be done in playing craps. Also, keep in mind that you should be reading reliable resources.

Safe Method

This method could let you earn money slowly but steadily. There are shooters that have control on the way they throw the dice. The dice will fly through the air and lose momentum the same way at the same part of the felt every time. The safe method will require you to only place your bet on this player. But this kind of player is very rare. You might not be able to find him in a week`s time.

Dangerous Bets Method

Craps amateurs often use this method. Every move is made randomly. When you decide to place a bet on this type of shooter, only bet the pass line with odds and then take out two come bets with odds.

Take John Patrick`s Advice

"Seventy percent of craps players get ahead at one point in their casino visits. Of that seventy percent, ninety percent give back their winnings . . . and then some," said John Patrick on his book, John Patrick`s Advanced Craps. What he is trying to imply is that a player should know when to quit and walk away. You should not stick to one method disregarding whether you win or lose. Set a goal how much you want to win and up to how much are you willing to lose. Hitting either should be your go signal to leave the casino. If you don`t follow this, you will walk away a loser.

Consider Craps as a Business

You should play craps the way you would run a business. Here, information is vital. You should find new strategy and have it tested. Sticking to just one method would only make you win in the short term.

To be able to succeed in playing craps as a living, consider it as a lifestyle choice and not as a whimsical weekend jaunt into a life of luxury. If you choose the other, you would only tend to loose your money in a matter of time.

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