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There are many ways to get experience of foreign culture and environment. If you are interested in taking a daring leap to experience the ways of life of people in abroad, then working as an English teacher is an excellent way to pursue this rewarding and fulfilling path. The teaching abroad experience offers you many benefits. It makes you as stronger candidates and provides management and planning skills for future employment and opportunities. Teaching in another culture makes you think broadly and openly outside the country, strengthens your interpersonal skills, and increases your perceptions. There are more ability and flexibility for job applicants to adapt a good job who have worked in another country. They know another language properly, and also have increased tolerance towards others and a better understanding of global issues. It is the perfect opportunity for graduates which can help you better understand your career path or future educational needs. For a first time teacher, an hourly rate starts at 8.35 euros. The number of hours per month you are expected to work at a school and you get the average amount you get per month. Some schools require 30 hours teaching per week. However, there are big schools that require experienced teachers and pay them well, so you should ask about the hourly rate before you agree to work at a school. Qualification: Qualifications range from BA or B.Sc. in any discipline to TESOL Certificates. Some schools require native speakers, preferably British or Irish, American or Australian citizens. However, teachers from other ethnicity groups can find a teaching position in abroad if they have a university degree in English Language Benefits: Teaching abroad affords you several advantages: 1. Normally, you will get good salary as per hour work you do. 2. It provides you more opportunities to increase your interpersonal skills. 3. It provides the knowledge and ability of foreign culture and environment. 4. Teaching English abroad offers pleasant change in your career in teaching. 5. It provides you a more realistic picture of a culture than studying in it. 6 When you try to explain it to others, you’ll more experts in your knowledge of your own culture. 7. It offers you more ability and flexibility to increases your perceptions. TESOL Certification is your ticket to travel tefl programs and tesol certificate program.

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