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Author: Jennifer Dsouza    Category: Hardware   Date Added: 2009-01-06

Transferring a large amount of data from one pc to another have always created problems like less storage space or takes a lot of time for downloading a large amount of files, due to slow process you wont able to do other work reason for this non-availability of suitable Storage Device. CDs and Floppy Disk was not enough to carry your data’s, even some tried through email to transfer the data’s but still it was not that much succeeded. To end this problem zip drive came into market with 250MB storage capacity. To store your important data’s on zip drive a proper transfer process should take place like both the pc must have zip drives. Compared to old floppy disk system it was quite expensive. On today’s competitive world everyone wanted a solution for it. Every time is not possible to carry laptop or hard disk wherever you go. Finally to end this problem we found a solution in the name of Pen Drive. Pen Drive is the only solution to solve this problem. Pen Drive can hold huge amount of data’s compared to floppy disk and CDs. Pen drives are smaller in size and weightless, so you can carry this pen drive wherever you go. This Pen drive is so small in size that it is also said key-ring-size device. You can easily transfer files between USB-compatible systems. It is accessed through USB port on the computer. Pen Drive has a capacity to hold a large amount of data’s ranging from 11 to 350 floppy disks depending on the memory stick you choose. You will feel very easier, faster and safe method to transfer your data. Pen drives are faster to download your data’s than downloading data via e-mail. Now no need to carry boxes of floppies with you even no need to carry laptop with you all the way. Carry pen drive you can use this pen drive as a key chain and much easier. This Pen Drive also comes in various storage capacities of 16MB, 32MB, 64MB, 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB. Buy online USB Storage Devices at lowest possible prices only at

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