Why the sale letter is important?

Author: Gabriel Hunter    Category: Business   Date Added: 2009-01-03

The sale letter is practically your first webpage of your website. Is the first webpage that your visitors will see when they access your website.

It represents the description of your product or service, whatever you sell on the internet. That means is the first “contact” between your possible client and your product.

So the sale letter must persuade, must give your possible client every information about your business, about your product or service.

In simple words your sale letter must contain a main title, a strong title (for example: “You want to live your own American Dream; you want to know how to earn with stock quotes?”). This is a strong title because he contains the magic two words: “How to…”.

Also your sale letter must contains few sub-titles, that represents the advantages or the main benefits of your product. These sub-titles explains to your visitor what he might lose if he will not purchase your product/service.

Your sale letter is recommended to be realized from short paragraphs that are written exactly how you would speak with a friend at a coup of coffee. Use words and expressions like “you”, “for you”, “do you know”, etc.

You must persuade, through your sale letter, the visitor to order your product. So that`s why your sale letter is very, very important, because she is the main factor in your online success.

These are a few reasons about why your sale letter is important, but are many others too. If you want to know more about a sale letter, like how you must write it, how to promote it, visit my website:Easy Home Income

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