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Author: JEFF    Category: Consumer Electronic   Date Added: 2011-07-08

LED light is famous for energy saving, and environment friendly, we should now replace all our incandescent bulb and CFL,in this way we are protection our earth,save our future. What we have for LED light , please read more. These years we often witness extreme weather, and natural disaster happened more frequently, such as tornado, hailstone,earthquake. The iceberg in South Pole melts quickly and more and more, The ice on the peak of Kilimanjaro Mountain will disappear soon, sea level become higher and higher each year. It is said that some low sea level countries like Tuvalu will disappear due to the global climate get warm. Greenhouse effect become more and more apparent. What we can do to better this situation and prevent things getting worse. One answer is to choose a green life, we need to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas. And how can we accomplish this ? Right, choose LED light as the lighting product. You would be very surprised to find out that using incandescent bulb, 90% of the electric energy are consumed to give out heat, only 10% give out light. CFL (compacted fluorescent light) is a good way to save electricity energy, but LED light save 60% more energy than CFL, and CFL contain mercury, it is poisonous. Now LED light can replace most of the incandescent light and fluorescent light. We have LED tube light to replace fluorescent Tube light, LED bulb to replace incandescent bulb.We also have LED downlight,led desk lamp, led ceiling lamp, led street lamp, led floodlight. A 5W led bulb can replace a 10W CFL or a 40W incandescent bulb. A 250W LED floodlight can replace a 1000W halogen Light. This article is from if you want to reproduce or copy this article, please show where it is from.

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