Laser Sights Vs. Iron Sights

Author: Jason Dade    Category: Guns   Date Added: 2011-02-01

Laser sights or iron sights? Many traditionalist argue that iron sights are the only way to shoot. While others feel lasers increase accuracy. Laser sights do offer a number of clear advantages. They however are not intended to and should not be considered to be a replacement for iron sights.

Lasers allow for very high speed target acquisition and can allow you to shoot from the hip with the same accuracy as shooting from the shoulder.

A laser will allow for accurate firing from different shooting positions. You can shoot from awkward positions where you may not be able to get a good sight picture with iron sights. Positions like shooting at an intruder while laying in a bed or shooting around objects.

A firearm equipped with a lasers can be a powerful deterrence. A target may feel that the fight has already been lost when encountering a beam pointed at them. Situations can be de-escalated without ever having to fire a shot.

Lasers also provide an edge under low light conditions where it may be difficult to see iron sights. They also can offer more visibility because they permit the use of both eyes when acquiring a target.

Although lasers do provide a lot of distinct benefits, there are a couple of drawbacks. Lasers can give away your position. They require that you turn them on. This may not be such a problem depending on the design of the laser and if the on switch is place in a natural position. Also batteries do die and a laser can be a liability if you rely on it alone.

In conclusion, laser sights can be a great asset but should only be considered a supplement to iron sights. Laser sights make great home defense or tactical accessories for both hand guns and long guns.

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