Generic Prevacid, A super antacid for acidity

Author: AYana Walter    Category: Public Health and Safety   Date Added: 2010-09-21

This acid when gets in contact with the lining of esophageus gives rise to irritation and inflammation resembling to acidity. There are several risk factors involved in heart burns. The risk factors mostly increase the chances of getting diseases. Hence, they cannot be ignored. Certain modifications in lifestyle may help in reducing the effects and occurrences of heart burns. Generic Prevacid: The name itself tells us, it is an invention made for preventing or curing acidity. Heart burns are the results of frequent intake of spicy delicacies. If heart burns are unusual, then its not that serious. Many people suffer from acidity usually after having heavy meals. But if they are a part of your routine, and that too, if are very severe and unbearable. Its something serious. In such conditions you need to go for a check up. Generic prevacid is generally available in capsules. These types of proton pump inhibitors are available without prescription. Prevacid capsules are available over-the-counter 24 hours. These drugs are stocked for frequent availability. Generic prevacid is a very powerful medication that helps in curing erosive esophagus. Apart from heart burns, various other stomach ailments can be cured by the consumption of prevacid. Coming towards the side effects, Constipation, diarrhea, headache, nausea, pain, swelling and stomach ache are some of the general ones. Again, side effects differ from person to person. Hence, it is always acceptable to seek medical advice from your doctor or health care specialist. Do not ignore severe side effects, if you feel like any of the side effects hitting your body. Take immediate precautionary measures by consulting with the doctor or by lowering the dosages. Generally Prevacid is well-tolerated. Talking about the dosages of Generic prevacid; they vary depending upon the physical and internal conditions. Generally the treatment of prevacid is recommended for eight weeks; in cases of severity your doctor may extend the doses for eight more weeks for better effects. When the esophagitis is completely healed, your doctor may ask you to continue with the medications but in lower proportions. This will prevent it from returning. It has the ability to interact with various medications including digoxin, ketoconazole and nelfinavir. This highlights the negative aspect of prevacid. Women are more concerned about the answer whether, they are suitable to use in pregnancy? The answer is yes! the test result states, it is completely safe for pregnant women. FDA has approved prevacid as a pregnancy category B drug; which means this drug does not harm the child. But, for safer side, it is always advisable to consult a doctor before stepping forward to go with the course of medications. Pregnancy involves various complications where it becomes very essential to take care of women and the child. The conclusion overall states that it is an complete safe to consume drug which has involved less number of side effects and is available in reasonable prices -

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