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A cubicle, or a cubicle desk or for any matter office cubicle is nothing but a partially enclosed space quite common in the corporate and other old economy office set-ups. The cubicle is isolated from the adjoining workspaces and other enclosures through the partitions, averaging in height around 5–6 feet (1.5–1.8 m). Usually, senior staff and managerial engagements are given the cubicles in an official set-up. The basic purpose behind constructing a cubicle in the offices is to keep the senior members away from distractions and disturbances quite commonly seen in a working office environment. Having a cubicle inn office is a complete advantage as it provides privacy and a smart space where one can concentrate on the work. The word cubicle descends from the Latin language, where it is popular by the name of cubiculum, meaning bed chamber. There are further allusions of the word in the English language, and was used as Cubicle in the 15th century English language. With times, cubicle seemed to be quite commonly used as the term signifying small chambers of any form and type; small study spaces; small room enclosures with the wall size not reaching to the ceiling. Cubicle is a classic example of modern office set up. Ideally speaking quite similar to the carrel desk structure, cubicle is designed in such a way so as to give completed privacy from all what is going within the office. Talking of the cubicle structure, it is modular in nature, where there’s room for arranging things accordingly and in place. A well configured cubicle is designed in such a way that it can easily arrange overhead bins, drawers and much more, leaving plenty of space to keep other things. There are many other alternative terms that have come to be associated with Cubicle. For example, term Cube farm has come to describe an office set up which is completely packed with cubicles. Cube farms are quite common in big companies. Cubicles are not easy to install, and it requires refined services from the office interior service companies. The author is an experienced business writer of Information Technology Industry. For more info please Visit at to know more about Office Furniture, Used Cubicles, or mail

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