Author: Zakariyya Spain    Category: Alternative   Date Added: 2010-05-24

How does headache relief sound to you?.......Impossible? If you are one of the statistical 12% sufferers of headache, who struggle to find a solution, then pain relief would sound like amazing news to you. The kind that would make jump for joy, Scream! Yes! relief at last! Pain relief at last!The more religious might say, "Thank you, God" Halleluya!..Amen. Headache relief for me has come at a costly price. Tension headache, the kind that cost me relationships, loss of income, lack of concentration and focus,loss of property and almost robbed me of vision, sleep and uncertainties. Elevated blood pressure, near stroke and a high risk of suffering a heart failure. I know most headache sufferers can relate to some of these and more. Others have their experiences too. But among the various forms of what is categorized as primary headaches,like tension headaches, stress and sinus headaches, migraine and cluster headaches tend to be the most rampant. Cluster headache is to men, as migraine is to women. Headache can pretty much stop anyone from doing anything in life. Is headache manageable? Is freedom from headaches achievable? Stress related headaches, sinus headaches, tension type headaches, even hormonal headaches are manageable.If you get to know what triggers your stress related headache, relief from pain is achievable.Biofeedback is one factor that help find pain relief. READ THE FULL POST at

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