How To Avoid Dog Poop On Your Carpets And Rugs

Author: Ian Harper MBICSc    Category: Home Improvement   Date Added: 2009-12-07

Benefits of rug cleaning By Ian Harper MBICSc carpet cleaners chelmsford Those precious puppy dog eyes captivated you and now you have a new member of your family. Although your children are thoroughly happy and you love to see the joy in their eyes, you now have a not-so joyous job to do. This precious new puppy must be potty trained. This task may remind you of the days you potty trained your children, since there are some similarities. Just like when training a little child to use the bathroom in the designated place, you will have to put some effort into house training your puppy or dog. Consistency and diligence are also very important factors. Even when you get frustrated and worn out, like you did with your kids, you can’t give up and you have to expect accidents. First, you must decide where you will allow your puppy to go to the bathroom and show him where those places are. When explaining to your puppy that he can only go in the certain, acceptable areas, be sure to use a stern voice so he knows you are serious. Although this sounds very much like potty training a child, there are some differences in training a puppy. First of all, your puppy can not communicate with you as well as your three-year-old did. This obstacle is easy to overcome, though, since a young dog wants to please you, just like your children do. Be sure to praise him a lot, even more than you would your son or daughter, when he uses the potty in the right place. It’s also very important your puppy has a way to get outside even if you’re not home. If there is no way for him to get out, he will definitely have accidents. Stick with it and use a happy voice for good behavior and sad voice for accidents and you’ll have a trained puppy in no time.

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