How To Shop Online?

Author: John Ruskin    Category: Shopping   Date Added: 2009-10-11

How to shop online?
That is a good question and I try to give an answer, based on my experience of online shopping and my experience of browsing the WWW.
So let`s get started. To shop online first, you need a valid credit or debit card for processing your order by the online store witch you chosen to buy from.
So far so good! But the problem is at the online store. When I`ve said that you buy your desired product from the online store I`ve trying to say that you search for shopping stores through Google and then you access the respective store, search in it for your product and than you go to pay for it.WRONG!This is not the best way to buy products online.
What I`ve learned in those past few years since I buy cell phones, cameras, laptops, etc. from online stores, is that you must look for quality products, credible stores and for discounts or at least for saving money when you buy.
So how did I done to save money buying online?
Actually is very simple and the answer is: price comparison websites! Prices comparison websites are practically very complex products directories. They are also called shopping comparison websites. In those kind of websites online stores, credible online stores (like,,,, etc.) advertise their products. In many cases on shopping comparison websites, stores are promoting their products, so the prices for those products are with discounts or with coupons (that gives you discounts for products - but about coupons and how to work with them is another discussion). So the best thing that prices comparison sites are offering you is saving money by buying online. The next best thing that they offer to you is, the possibility of comparing products and prices from a variety of stores.
For example: you are looking for an iPhone. You enter on a shopping comparison website and there you search for iPhone. So a search results page will appear to you with products that matches your search criteria. From that list you click the model of iPhone that best suits to you. You will be redirect to the product webpage. Here the interesting part appears; on the product webpage you have access to expert reviews and user reviews for the respective product and the most important thing you have access to the price comparison. It will show you a list of stores that have the product among with their price. So by this way you compare prices and choose the lowest price.
So by this method you are saving money by shopping online.
So here are some shopping comparison websites that I used and use for buying and saving online:,,,,,,

Those are reliable prices comparison websites because I, personally bought through them and I didn`t get any problems in achieving my products.

I hope that I`ve succeed to give an answer for the above question.
Good Luck in shopping online!
PS: Get use to buying online...because this is the future of shopping:)

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