Why Information is the Perfect Product?

Author: Gabriel Hunter    Category: business, small business, ebooks   Date Added: 2008-12-08

For over a decade now Internet Marketers have been touting the wonders of selling information to people.

Information is the perfect product for 3 reasons:

1. Itís easy to produce Informational products are very easy to produce if you already have some knowledge on a subject that is considered valuable by others. Fortunately, given the huge diversity across the web, itís hard to come up with an informational topic that is not of value to somebody. To produce this knowledge, you may find it helpful to come up with a table of contents first, and then just flesh out each chapter into a few pages. Or you might find easier to simply start typing your knowledge out into your favorite word processor. When youíre done, you convert the document into a PDF file document, using free tools and sell it. Sounds easy, right? Well, itís a bit more involved than this paragraph makes it sound, but yes, it is rather easy to do. Itís certainly easier than creating a ďbrick and mortarĒ product.

2. Itís inexpensive to produce This really goes hand in hand with what Iíve already said. If you already have the knowledge, getting the information into an organized format really only requires time. However, just because itís inexpensive to create the informational product doesnít mean that the information itself is not very valuable. Thereís not a ďhow toÖĒ book written in the world that contains information you get for free somewhere else. People wants and buys ďhow toÖĒ books because they want it all in front of them in one nice, easy package. Thatís why the informational product sell so well.

3. It can be immediately received Another reason that informational product sell so well is because the visitor reading your sales page knows that the product will be immediately received. They donít have to go at the library to get their products, they donít even need to wait for to ship their products at home. No, they will get it right now. Thatís a big selling point for a lot of people. Plus itís easier on you as the creator of the product. You donít have to pay a printer to print the books. You donít even have to burn CDís. Thereís no shipping to do either.

In conclusion, itís much less expensive Ė and a lot less hassle Ė than traditional informational products like books. So thatís why the information is the perfect product for you to sell.

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