Why to do online business?

Author: Gabriel Hunter    Category: business, small business   Date Added: 2008-12-07

Why business on the internet?
Good question. The studies shows that from the beginning of the internet exists the rule of 90/10; it means that 10% of people has 90% of money. Another study shows that 95% of the people over 65 years old lives from social incomes.
But with the internet, this rules whore destroyed. Now every man with a good idea, very important, with a good idea you can live from the incomes of selling that idea over the all internet.
With the fallen of the Berlin Wall, it begins the new era of information. Now who gets, has the information gets the power and the best tools of this new era is of course the internet.
With the help of the internet, the information travels with the speed of light; a person can speak and have a constant contact with other persons in a second with a very low costs, almost free.
However, like every tool, the results can be influenced by the one who uses this tool, internet. If you know how to use the biggest amount of information and the speed of communication, you can practically, create your own virtual empire in a short period of time and have an income that proceed your dreams.
You would never work for other ever in your life. By setting up your online business you will live only from internet incomes, selling your ideas, with a minimum investment and with a minimum time spending at "office" - 2 hours per day just surf the internet and looking for possible business.
So this are a few reasons why to start an online business, but are many others too.
I hope I'm getting you interested about this concept of online/internet business.

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